I’m addicted to diffusing essential oils, and this unit has a special place right on my nightstand.

Huge reservoir on this CoolZay diffuser, which means it runs like a champ for a long time.

* Easy to open and fill.
* Lots of mist immediately.
* Able to have light on or off with mist
* Shuts off automatically when empty, a great safety feature.
* Quiet enough to have next to my bed and I don’t hear it at all.
* My personal preference is that the cord be on the side, not the bottom, but this does not effect the performance in any way.
This does not come with essential oils, and it does come with the wall charger and a super convenient measuring cup. Overall a great value for the quality and size of this diffuser. I received this product at a discount and have provided and honest review.


Easter came early for my music

What in the world?? Yep, it WORKS!  Fun, funky, amazing results. I mean, it is a silicone egg. Looks like a piece of candy, how in the world would this even work? It does! It is music to my ears….

* Works! Amplifies the sound a lot
* Easy to use. Slide the ipod or iphone in and that’s it.
* Stable. Wide base so my ipod doesn’t fall out.
* Fun, funky orange
None. This does the job and well.
Overall fantastic value. This truly amplifies the sound easily with no batteries, cords, etc. I received this at a discount and have provide an honest review. LiebsLanding review

Don’t pay for expensive coffee pods!

Cup of Joy makes convenient, reusable coffee pods that fit in the Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

I like that I’m able to use my favorite coffee without spending a ridiculous amount of money on pods. These reuseable capsules for my Nescafe Gusto takes up much less space than all of the boxes of coffee too.
* Easy to use. Open the top, use the scoop to put in my coffee, close and go.
* I can use any coffee I want, no more expensive pods.
* Clean up is easy. I just dump the grinds into my compost bin and rinse out the capsule.
* Fine mesh means no grinds in my coffee cup.
* No leaks.
* None that I found.
I received these capsules for free in exchange for an honest review. LiebsLanding review.

Cleans with only water? How does it work?

My new favorite cleaning tool is the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools microfiber cleaning cloths . I only need water. These are unlike any other Microfiber cleaning cloths I have every tried.

Do they work?  Heck yeah. Watch me clean part of my stove top in the video below.

Water only. No chemicals needed.
No lint. NONE. These feel more like a chamois than what I expect in a microfiber cloth.
Does not scratch when cleaning, not one little bit.
Actually cleans incredibly well with no effort other than wiping
Tab for hanging
None, other than I wish I’d purchased more than 3!

Overall this is a top quality tool that I will use over and over since it exceeded my expectations for cleaning. I received this at a discount and have provided an honest review. LiebsLanding review.

Flamless Candle Review

This flamless led candle by Gideon looks like a burning candle and is nice to have in the kitchen or in the window in the evening.

* Looks like a real flicker.
• It’s attractively designed
* The remote has lots of options, candle, light, dim, bright.
* Remote does have the battery included.
* Made of real wax.
* Did not come with batteries in the candle. Takes 2 AA.
Overall this is a lovely flameless led candle that looks real.

Beauty Blender Review

If you like your makeup to be blended, or you’re into contouring, I recommend these cute little beauty blenders by Jouvenet that work as promised.


You get two, so you can use one for wet and one for dry.
I like the polka dot dry bag for storage.
These squeeze out well so that I can use them damp with no drips.
Great value for two.
There is a printed how-to pamphlet included.

My personal preference is that I’d like them to be fatter at the bottom.

wet or dry

#Jouvenet #BeautyBlender

You can get them on Amazon by clicking on any of my photos in this blog post.

Hard Lotion – Why it is awesome

My fingers are super dry in the winter, and my cuticles crack.  Grrrr.   One of the best products in my arsenal is a Hard Lotion Bar.

hard lotion

Never heard of it?  You’re missing out!  It is a lotion “bar” that is solid at room temperature and made with just three ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax).  I use it specifically to heal and protect hands and feet from cracked and extremely dry skin.

Rub it around in your hands like you do a bar of soap. The warmth of your body melts it into a lotion.  I keep one at my desk, on my nightstand, in my purse (in a small Altoids tin).  I use is on my hands, of course, and on my lips too.  I’ve used it on #1 sons eczema with awesome results.  No scent, no chemicals.

Super easy peasy to make:

2016-01-28 15.02.282016-01-28 15.14.011 part each Shea Butter, Coconut Oil (not the liquid, the hard stuff) and Beeswax.

Melt all three in a double boiler, pour into a silicone mold.  I use a 1″ square brownie mold and I’ve even thrown some into silicone cupcake wrappers.  And, of course, for easy carrying you can pour it into an Altoids tin.

I swear by this stuff in the winter and you will too once you try it.

Don’t want to make it? No worries, I’ll do it for you.  Click here to check out my Etsy shop.